Well good afternoon everyone. Hope you are having a lovely Saturday afternoon? I am enjoying a cup of coffee…. well trying to enjoy it rather. I don’t think the other members of the household are handling the quarantine as well as I, but I mean c’mon, suck it up princess. In an effort to not binge on everything in the refrigerator, I’ve started taking Herbalife as a healthy alternative. It’s actually really delicious and it’s a pretty good morning shake. So I got that going for me. Busy, busy! Social Media without Facebook has been excellent. I definitely made the right decision by leaving that filth behind. I still have Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. They seem to be fine, my sister views my snaps and probably rolls her eyes while doing so. Toxic bitch. That’s my name for her. Anyway, my friends have begun emailing me, which is a nice surprise. I miss them and I miss my school. They noticed my disappearance from Facebook because I usually reacted to their memes, but I let them know that maybe one day I will reactivate Facebook and delete family members or just make an entirely new account. Who’s to say right now?! The days are getting so mixed up that until this afternoon, I didn’t realize it was Saturday. WOW!! Okay, I am signing off for now, I just have to say that since I started this blog, I have been feeling better. Having an outlet to go to is such a necessity. It doesn’t even matter if people don’t read this, it’s just nice to come and vent and write about my day and what not. Thanks for stopping by.

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